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Archery Only

Archery Only

Whitetail Crossing: Back 2 Basics is a new venture here at Whitetail Crossing.  For years, we specialized in guiding hunters to trophy whitetails using any kind of equipment.

NOW, we are offering BOW HUNTING ONLY HUNTS on over 3200 ACRES of Prime Whitetail Habitat.  These hunts are extremely limited and we will only be taking 4 Hunters Max Per Week.  There will be a 135" Minimum on ALL BUCKS or 4.5+ Years Old Age Requirement.  This is NOT a hunt for beginners.  We want you have some experience in sizing and aging deer on the hoof.  We have over 50 stand locations to allow us to be prepared for various wind directions, as well as ever-changing deer patterns.  

Bow Hunting ONLY
135" Minimum or 4.5+ Year Old Buck
3200+ Acres
4 Hunters Max Per Week

Our farms consist of large amounts of hardwoods, loaded with various species of oak trees, providing a huge mast crop for our whitetails to feast on.  Mixed in with those hardwoods are several hundreds of acres of corn and soybean fields.  There is also several clover fields that we will utilize during the early season.   Each of our farms also have various ponds and creeks ensuring that our whitetails have plenty of water to get them through the season.

September 7 - 11 (Evening Only) 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW
September 14 - 18 (Evening Only) 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW
October 19 - 23 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW
October 26 - 30 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW
November 2 - 6 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW
November 9 - 13 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW
November 16 - 20 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW
December 7 - 11 (Evening Only) 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW
December 14 - 18 (Evening Only) 4 $X,XXX BOOK NOW

All Hunts Include Meals, Lodging, Guide and Deer Cape and Quarter.  (Gratuity and License Fees NOT Included)

Meals consist of a continental style breakfast, light lunch (Soup/Sandwich) and good dinner after the evening hunt.  Water and Sodas will be provided.  Alcohol is allowed but will not be provided by Whitetail Crossing.

Mature Buck

We are targeting 4.5+ Year Old Bucks or 135" Minimum Deer on these hunts.  Prior to your hunt, we will sit down and show you trail cam pictures of deer using the area you will be hunting.  Which ever deer is showing to be the most visible will become our target.  This is not a hunt for beginners.  We are providing opportunities on older class deer and experience counts.  Hunters who come in with the mindset of hunting one particular deer and can be patient as younger deer walk by will have a shot at being successful.  Stand locations are chosen based on several factors.  Wind direction is key in harvesting a buck of this age class and is our first priority.  Time of the year and most recent information is next.  Finally, we understand that some hunters prefer to sit in certain stands.  Ladder stands, ground blinds and hang on stands will be available to all hunters.  



To ensure our deer are healthy, we are taking the next step in herd nutrition.  We have partnered with Ani-logics to help our deer herd maximize their potential.  Having a healthy deer herd means having no offseason.  From mineral blocks in the spring to protein blocks in the summer and supplement gold during the fall and winter months, our deer will have everything they need to maximize their potential.