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DIY Hunts

DIY Hunts

Are you tired of trusting the Outfitter or guide to put you in his best spots. Here's your chance to scout a property, hang your stands, and kill a true trophy all by yourself. You will be able to hunt some of our prime properties the way you want to hunt them. We only take a certain number of hunters on each farm per year. Once we hit our number we close the farm for the year. Most of our Do it Yourself farms are BOW ONLY, making these farms unique and protected at the same time.

How it Works

  • 50% Deposit and other 50% when you arrive
  • You are responsible for ALL your Meals and Lodging
  • We'll direct you to nearest place to get your license (Walmart)
  • We'll Provide you a list of nearby hotels
  • There is NO minimum size on bucks, unless stated, however we ask you shoot something 8 points or bigger.
  • An Aerial Map showing property lines and scouting notes will be given to you
  • An in depth tour of the property will be given the day before your hunt.
  • On this tour, you will hear our scouting notes and be shown property boundaries.
  • You will be educated on what deer from our Hitlist are on the property you are hunting.
  • You can hunt our stands if we have some placed and/or bring your own (Climbers, Lock on's, Ladders, or Ground Blinds(NO SCREW IN STEPS))
  • After the tour, I will wish you luck and wait to hear about your success.

93 Acre Lease - Call/Text for Availability

93 Acres 
Farm is made up of cedar thickets, hay fields and some brushy hardwoods.


BOW $750 / Person for 7 days
GUN $1,250 / Person 5 Days
*Fully Corned add $200*

160 Acre Lease - FULLY BOOKED for 2017

160 Acres 
Farm is approximately 50% open / 50% Wooded.  Great trails on this property.  Was in soybeans in 2016, no crops planted in 2017.

BOW $1250 / Person for 7 days
GUN $1,500 / Person 5 Days 
*Fully Corned add $200*

MORE FARMS AVAILABLE....Contact for info. 941-952-8175

Already Have a Hunting Lease in Kentucky?

Have You Found a Hunting Lease, But Don't Have Time Set it up and Scout it?

We Will Do it For You!!!

Get it done, and get it done right. The professionals here at Whitetail Crossing will scout the property, hang treestands and hang trail cameras for you giving you the best opportunity to bag that buck of a lifetime.

What You Get Each Month:

  • Detailed Aerial Maps Showing:
    • Terrain Features
    • Scouting Notes
    • Possible Stand Locations
    • Camera Locations
    • Property Lines
  • Video Tour of Property
  • Detailed Monthly Report including Trail Cam Photos

Managment Services Include:

  • All Labor
  • Detaled Aerials
  • Detailed Monthly Reports
  • Video Tour