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Meet the Guides

Meet the Guides

Bryan Dirr - Owner/Guide

Bryan has been hunting for over 20 years and has 10 years of guiding experience, and has attended a professional guide school. He graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies that has helped him analyze properties on another level.  With an addiction to trail cameras, you can be sure you will know every deer in your hunting area.  He is eager to find those big bucks and formulate a plan for putting them in front of you..

Casey Milburn - Head Guide

Casey is the head guide here at Whitetail Crossing, going on his 3rd year now.  He may be the most valuable "tool" here, with his knowledge of many the landowners around Washington County.  He has helped us lock down some of the best farms in the area.  Casey grew up in Washington County  and knows the area very well.  He has been busy hanging stands (all ladders, he doesnt do lock ons, haha), checking cameras, and putting out corn.  Year after year, hunters want him as their guide.  Proof is in the picture.

Kacey "Red" Dykes - Guide

Kacey has been a part of the Whitetail Crossing for a few years now.  He is one the most well prepared guides we have.  Always has a knife ready, and on can fill your day with some crazy stories from his hunting and fishing trips in Tennessee.  He's a great guy and will do whatever he has to to get you on a good buck.

Danion Lyvers - Guide

Danion was a rookie last season and proved to be a big help last year.  And who knew, he sounds like a turkey in the spring.  Danion is well known in the coon hunting community as he travels from state to state competing in coon hunting trials.  We're looking forward to another season full of the famous "Danion Laugh".