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Hit List

Hit List

This page will begin to educate on some of our target deer.  By studying these photos you will begin to train your eye on what a 125" deer is.  Remember, it takes a lot for an 8 point to make 125".  Why? When scoring an 8 point, you only have 3 measurements for points whereas a 10 pointer would have 4 measurements.

Name: Dozer

Age: 5.5 Years Old + (2017)
Approx. Score: 150"+
Notes: Only had one encounter in 2016 as he ran through during the rut, but has been a regular for 4 years now.

Name: .38 Special

Age: 4.5 Years Old (2017)
Approx. Score: 130" - 135"
Notes: Had some close encounters in 2016, but couldn't close the deal.

Off Limits

Age: 3.5 years Old
Approx. Score:
Notes:  This is a deer that was off limits in 2016 hoping that he would blow into something huge.  He still has some growing to do, so we shall see what he turns into.

No Name

Age: 4.5 Years Old
Approx. Score:  TBD
Notes:  Deer has been hanging out in a secluded 1 acre bean field.  Hope to see him opening day

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