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Whitetail Crossing is located in Central Kentucky just outside of Springfield, Kentucky. This area, located in Washington County, is well known for producing trophy class whitetails. As evidence by what you've seen on television and what has been written in magazines, Kentucky is the hottest destination for Whitetails.

Whitetail Crossing is now offering hunts in Ohio as well.  We are located just outside of Dresden, Ohio and manage over 3,500 acres in Coshocton and Muskingum County which is well known for producing trophy bucks each and every year.  Ohio offers a great mix of hardwoods and crop fields giving you true midwest feel.  

We have a couple NEW pages on the website to keep in mind.  The first is a page called "Tailgate Talk" where we will go into detail on the daily grind here at Whitetail Crossing.  This will be a behind the scenes look at what goes on here everyday.  The second page is called the "Braggin' Board" where we will go into detail on each buck harvested this season.  There will be a picture of the hunter with their trophy and we will go over score, weight, approximate age and details of the hunt will be included.  I hope you enjoy the updates. 

Why is Kentucky so attractive for Whitetail Deer Hunters?

Why is Kentucky so attractive for Whitetail Deer Hunters?

Kentucky is unique in that it is one of the ONLY states that gives you a real shot at a Trophy Whitetail Deer in FULL VELVET. Whitetail Crossing was established in 2012 and is now entering its 9th full season. For those of you familiar with the Outdoor Channel, you may have noticed we were featured on Drop Zone TV for 3 years (2013 - 2015).

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Whether you are looking for a Trophy Whitetail or Big Turkey, we have an option for you. We offer Bow, Muzzeloader and Rifle Hunts for Trophy Whitetails as well as Spring Turkey Hunts. We also offer Youth Hunts and have proven that even are youth hunters can be successful. Don't like outfitted hunts? That's okay. We also offer affordable Do-it-Yourself Hunts for hardworking hunter. With over 7,000 acres to hunt across 15 different farms, we are able to minimize pressure and hunt smarter, using the wind and weather conditions to our advantage. All of our hunts are 100 % Fair Chase. Our work ethic here at Whitetail Crossing is unmatched and shows in our success. You are trusting us to put you on trophy buck and our goal is to do just that.

Look No Further for that Buck of Lifetime

Look No Further for that Buck of Lifetime

The 7,000+ acres that we manage range in size from 50 acre farms to near 1000 acre farms, all of which we mange for Trophy Class Whitetail Deer. We have a 125" Minimum on all our bucks, that ensures we have trophy animals for years to come. All of our farms are within 30 minutes of the lodge, so you wont be sitting in a truck hours before daylight. We limit the number of hunters in camp to 8-10 with a bow depending on group size and time of year, and 12 with a rifle ensuring that we can put you in the most productive spots we have.

Our farms are covered up with a variety of different animals including Trophy Sized Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Raccoons, Birds, Squirrels, Coyotes, and the occasional Bobcat. We have all you could possibly ask for in hunting retreat.

There is nothing more satisfying for us then seeing you get your trophy. We have had many first timers shoot their bucks with us and look forward to seeing if we can top your expectations every year.

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Get the Full Year Experience

Get the Full Year Experience

We have over 60 trail cameras in the field throughout the year so we can learn our deer travel patterns. Once we located a shooter buck, he will end up on "The Hitlist". Here, you will be able to stay updated with every shooter on our property. The bucks name, age, approximate score, recent activity and sightings will be listed below each picture. A question we are often asked is "How can you tell if a deer is 125"? By checking "The Hitlist" you will start to learn the characteristics of a 125" buck. We will do our best to educate you on how to judge a buck before you ever step foot in the woods.


Trail cameras are only one aspect of the hunt. We plant a lot of our food plots in June and August and want you to experience that as well. If you are following us on Facebook or Instagram you will feel like you're there while we work. We will be posting pictures showing our stand setups, our foodplots, and any other thing we feel is worth knowing.

Lots of Great Hunting Opportunities

Lots of Great Hunting Opportunities

We have joined forces with Domain Outdoor LLC. as we continue to increase our food plot program.  In addition to our food plots, work with several farmers to leave standing crops in strategic locations to help our hunting efforts and help carry the deer through the winter months.