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About Whitetail Crossing

About Whitetail Crossing

In this sections you can read about our hunting approach, you can meet the guides, see what the lodge looks like and lays out, as well many frequently asked questions will be answered.  And if you want to read some testimonials on past hunts, you can find that here as well.

Do You Have the Right Approach? Here is Ours.

Do You Have the Right Approach? Here is Ours.

By limiting the number of hunters per week, we are able to keep the hunting pressure down and keep stress off our deer herd. We only hunt stands when the wind and weather conditions are favorable. Each of our stands have been chosen for a particular reason.

Our thought process when choosing a stand site depends on several key factors:

  1. Wind Direction
  2. Our Scouting Notes and Time Spent in the Field
  3. Weather Conditions
  4. Morning or Evening Hunt
  5. Access to Stand Location
  6. Deer Activity
  7. Food Sources in Area
  8. Weapon Choice

When do we choose stands for your hunt?

Every night after dinner, the guides will get together formulate a game plan for the next day. We will check the weather forecast and check our notes we've taken on all stands. You will know before you go to sleep when you will need to be ready to leave in the morning and given some knowledge about the area you will be hunting.

Getting in and out of your stand location

All trails into and out of stands are marked well with reflective markers and trail tape. We can escort you to and from all stands if you wish, however we like to keep our intrusion to a minimum. Therefore, we will often drop you at a starting location and have you follow our trail markers to the stand. One thing we do not do here, is road hunt. Our deer do not like standing on a road where they are exposed. We hunt back in the timber and are trails to the stands are clearly marked and trimmed to make following them easier.

Whitetail Crossing's 10 Secrets to Success

We want you to have the most successful hunt possible here and want everybody to have a chance to take a trophy deer. To do that, we take several steps:

  1. We encourage you to shower using a scent killer body wash
  2. Keep your hunting clothing in the locker room
  3. Don't slam car doors
  4. Spray down with Scent Killer multiple times
  5. Wear a face mask or use face paint
  6. Know your effective shooting range
  7. Be quiet getting to and back from your stand
  8. Use the wind to your advantage
  9. Sit until pitch black before getting down out of your stand
  10. Trust your guide and communicate what you saw to him.
Meet Your Guides

Meet Your Guides

Here at Whitetail Crossing, our guides are working year round to ensure you harvest that buck of a lifetime.  Hundreds of hours have been spent scouting, preparring the land, hanging stands and making Whitetail Crossing a relaxing and enjoyable place to visit.  With over 100 years of combined hunting experience between them, its hard to find a situation that they have not seen or been a part of over the years.

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