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NEW for 2020 is The Braggin' Board, where I will go into detail into each buck harvested this season.  Big or small, they all have a story.  We will showcase a picture of the hunter with their deer, some details on score, weight and approximate age, as well go over the hunting setup and conditions.  This should make for an interesting read as the season goes on.  

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Jeremy - Mississippi

Hunter Name:  Jeremy
Years hunting with us: 1st Year
Date Harvested: September 5, 2020
Score: 143 1/8"
Weapon: Crossbow

Jeremy was hunting a new farm we acquired this year.  The setup was pretty neat.  For any kind of NE - S wind we were able to utilize this lock on setup.  A cattle fence 15 yards left of the stand in a way prevented deer from circling downwind allowing us to sneak in without crossing any trails.  His shot was roughly 25 yards and was able to harvest this buck early on opening day, around 7pm.  

Shane - Pennsylvania

Hunter Name: Shane
Years Hunting with us: 1st year
Date Harvested: September 5, 2020
Score: 146 3/8"
Weapon: Bow

We have had the farm Shane killed on for several years, and the spot he was hunting has always been a great area.  This year we went in there are put in a 1/2 acre strip Foodplot, planted in wheat, to help create some more activity.  This spot sits between two bedding areas and has a pond located at the north end of the plot.  He had an incredible night, and really took advantage of opening day NE wind.  Unfortunately, with it being a severe quartering away shot, the arrow lodged in the body prevented any blood trail.  We weren't able to find the deer that night or next day.  We finally recovered this buck floating in the pond at the end of the plot.  We believed deer had gone down into woods after being hit but didn't have any luck the first day looking for him.  

Vince - Pennsylvania

Hunter Name: Vince
Years Hunting with us: 6 Years
Date Harvested: September 6, 2020
Score: 138 6/8"
Weapon: Bow

We refer to this buck as the redemption buck, because Vince had wounded this exact buck last year on a farm 1.5 miles away.  Lucky for us he relocated on another one of our farms.  Vince was positioned in a ground blind watching a secluded inside corner of a hay feud with corn to the south of his location.  The buck stepped out early around 6:30pm after seeing 9-10 before he stepped out.  

Mike - Texas

Hunter Name: Mike
Years Hunting with us: 1st year
Date Harvested: September 6, 2020
Score: 125 3/8"
Weapon: Bow

This deer is deceiving at first glance.  He actually broke off his g2 on his left side.  When we scored the deer we counted his right side g2 as his left side g2.  This deer was traveling in an area along a ridge filled with oaks and in the field was soybeans.  We waited for the South wind to hunt this stand in hopes of seeing this deers running mate.  The other deer was also a wide buck and  is very similar to this buck and I believe got mike confused, but still a great deer.  He made a great shot and deer only ran 75 yards.

Daniel - Missouri

Hunter Name: Daniel
Years Hunting with us: 3 Years
Date Harvested: September 7, 2020
Score: 125" 
Weapon: Crossbow

Dan hunted hard the first day on one farm without any luck and seeing very minimal, but he didn't get discouraged and when we got the wind switch we needed, we moved in on a new spot.  I got the call around 8pm that he had smoked one and he did.  The deer only went 50 yards.  He was sitting over a 75 yards buffer CRP strip that bordered the destination bean field.  We had a S or SE wind that night putting it in our favor for that sit.

Brandon - South Carolina

Hunter Name: Brandon
Years Hunted with us: 7 Years
Score: 168"
Date Harvested: September 8, 2020
Weapon: Bow

This was another case of the wind being wrong to start the season.  It is so important to make the right decision when it comes to the wind.  On the second day of the season, Brandon passed a 145-150" 9 point knowing this buck was in the area.  Patience paid off.  With a SE wind, we setup on trails that lead out to the soybeans.  Inside the woods was a mineral lick that this buck would visit about 1-2 a week.  He didn't make the great shot, having spine shot him, but was able to get off a finishing shot after climbing down.

Nick - Virginia

Hunter Name: Nick
Years Hunted with us: 1st Year
Date Harvested: September 8, 2020
Score: 118"
Weapon: Bow

This story begins on opening day.  We had a few deer patterned in this one particular spot, and with the ESE wind we had, it seemed like the perfect setup.  Unfortunately, the the big 8 we had in mind ducked his arrow that day.  The deer never ran off but didn't offer another shot.  Fast forward a few days and Nick was back in the same stand with a SE wind and made a great shot on this buck.  This is by far the best deer Nick has ever shot and we couldn't be happier for him.  He was sitting on the edge of a hayfield looking down into the timber over 5 crisscrossing trails that came up from the creek.  

Ryan - Oklahoma

Hunter Name: Ryan Harrell
Years Hunted with us: 1st year
Score: 126 5/8"
Date Harvested: September 8, 2020
Weapon: Bow

Ryan started off the week hunted one set of stands with a different deer in mind, but the deer went nocturnal at that spot, so after a couple days, one of our other hunters sacrificed their spot so Ryan could get a shot on a full velvet buck.  That night he went in and got that shot.  A gut shot with a follow up neck shot had us waiting until the next day to look for this buck.  We were able to find the deer the next morning rather quickly.  The stand he killed out of sat inside the woods about 15 yards and had a lane cut out to beans and a few lanes down into the hardwoods where the deer would stage up.  He made a 25 yards shot and in total the deer only made it 100 yards.  

Anthony - Kentucky

Hunter Name: Anthony
Years Hunted: Not a paid hunter, hunted on personal farm.
Score: 196"
Date Harvested: September 9, 2020
Weapon: Bow

Anthony is one of our guides here and he was NOT hunting on one of our properties.  He was hunting on his family farm.  We helped him get food plots established, stands hung, and strategies created for how to hunt this deer.  Anthony was hunting a 2 acres Domain Outdoor Big Sexy food plot.  He had the deer on camera for the past 3 years, with this year having the deer grow more than 50" from the year before.  He passed this deer last year with hopes of the deer making it 5.5 years old.  He saw plenty of deer early in the week but this buck didn't make an appearance the first 3 days.  On day 4, he showed up but at last light.  On day five with a due East wind, he came out with plenty of light and gave him a perfect 25 yards shot.  Its all on film, so in a few months we can relive this memorable moment.  It was fun being involved with his success and we can't wait to see what he can produce year after year.

Ethan - Pennsylvania

Hunter Name: Ethan
Years Hunting with us: 2 Years
Score: 121"
Date Harvested: September 11, 2020
Weapon: Bow

We had Ethan set up on the edge of hayfield looking down into a major corridor between food areas.  This buck stepped out at 25 yards and was too hard to pass up for him in full velvet.  He shot the buck early around 530pm.  We had two setups for the wind in that area, but had the ESE wind keeping the wind in our face.  This buck was gut shot, and we found him the next morning, but the coyotes found him first.  Should make for a cool European mount.

Angelo - New Jersey

Hunter Name: Angelo
Years Hunted with us: 4 Years
Score: 141 6/8"
Date Harvested: September 12, 2020
Weapon: Bow

Like Shane, who shot the 146 opening day, we had Angelo in the same area.  We had a South wind so we went in to hang a stand at other end of the winter wheat foodplot closer to pond and at 630 pm, he closed the deal.  It is a cool setup, but really designed for a right handed shooter.  The only shot is out to the left looking down the entire foodplot.  He had seen 7 does comes out early and hammer the wheat before this buck stepped out.  He stood quartering too for 15 minutes before turning broadside.  

Anthony - New Jersey

Hunter Name: Anthony
Years Hunted with us: 1st Year
Date Harvested: September 14, 2020
Score: 98 5/8"
Weapon: Bow

Anthony saw this buck the night before he shot him out of one of our ladder stands overlooking a Sugar Momma foodplot.  The buck skirted the edge and didn't offer a shot.  When the wind switched more out of the NE we moved him over to a elevated ground blind watching the same plot, but a little closer to where deer was headed the day before.  He made a 30 yard shot and deer only went 100 yards.  This is first ever bow buck and biggest to date.  I can't wait for next year to see how we can raise the bar even higher and of course to see how the mullet is coming along!

Chase - Virginia

Chase - Virginia

Hunter Name: Chase
Years Hunted with us: 8th Year
Date Harvested: October 2, 2020
Score: 127"
Weapon: Bow

This hunt started off so promising, with a cold front moving through and the deer on their feet.  Chase was sitting over a Domain Outdoor Illicit(Radish) and Sugar Momma field just off a bedding area.  He had already seen 15 deer by 6 o'clock when the neighbors fired up their four-wheelers and cleared the field.  Luckily, this buck came from opposite direction and gave a Chase a perfect broadside shot.  the wind was out of the NW and this ladder stand Chase was in, was in the perfect spot.  

Chloe - Virginia

Hunter Name: Chloe
Years Hunted with us: 1st Year
Date Harvested: October 11, 2020
Score: Youth Hunter - First Buck Ever
Weapon: Rifle

This was the first year that Chloe was behind the gun on a hunt.  She's always hunted with Paw Paw in the past.  We had North wind that morning when this buck stepped out.  She was sitting in a ground blind over a bush hogged cornfield (1.5 Acres) Congrats Chloe.

Mason - North Carolina

Hunter Name: Anthony
Years Hunted with us: 1st Year
Date Harvested: October 10, 2020
Score: Youth Hunter
Weapon: Gun

Mason has hunted with us for a few years now and its been fun to watch him grow up.  Every year his deer gets bigger.  This is his best yet.  With a south west wind, he was in a ladder stand on edge of cornfield and brushy hillside.  He made a great shot on this buck at only 40 yards.

Steve - North Carolina

Hunter Name: Steve
Years Hunted with us: 8th Year
Date Harvested: October 18, 2020
Score: 134"
Weapon: Bow

Setup just inside the woods below 2 standing corn fields, Steve heard movement off to his left in the cornfield.  All he could see was tines walking his way.  A giant was coming his way just 4 rows deep in the corn.  After coming to full draw and realizing the buck was giving him a shot, another buck walked up the edge of the cornfield presenting a perfect 25 yard shot.  That morning we had a SW wind and a light drizzle.